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what we do

Performing Arts of music

We design transformative programs of art music to inspire people and communities with joy, peace, and hope. We provide healing and comfort to those in our modern society who feel exhausted, struggling, and empty through high standards of music concerts as well as diverse innovative performing arts programs. 

Music Outreach

Music, as a strong power of healing and a powerful communicative tool, reaches out to the marginalized and forgotten as well as opens our hearts to interact with one another. Our mission is to bring the healing power of music to underprivileged children and seniles, hospitalized, disabled, homeless, and anywhere in and out of nations in need, transforming their areas into inspiring environments that encourage a sense of serenity, joy, and hope. 

Music Education 

We provide music education for marginalized children to make them feel that they are loved, that they are not alone, and that they deserve to be blessed. By offering music lessons, choir classes, and performing experiences, WeSingHope aims to help students experience a sense of accomplishment in their life and to be encouraged by the hope God has given them. 

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